Arborist Reports

Glenwood’s Certified Arborists can prepare arborist reports to satisfy tree permit application requirements and pre-construction arborist reports in support of construction projects.

Tree Permit Applications
Most municipalities have private tree by-laws that govern removal of trees on your own property. Our Certified Arborists have the knowledge and experience to prepare the arborist report and all necessary documentation to support the application. When you book a tree removal with Glenwood we include preparation of the permit application and arborist report at no additional cost.

Pre-Construction Arborist Reports
Whether you’re building a new house, planning an addition, adding a deck or installing a pool, you will need a pre-construction arborist report. This is required by municipalities as part of your construction permit. Our Certified Arborists have requisite knowledge to prepare comprehensive pre-construction arborist reports including tree protection plan, preservation guidelines and, if necessary, appraisal and valuation of public trees in proximity to the construction zone.

Arborist Reports required in Oakville
Glenwood is licensed by the Town of Oakville, License 18-112376, as an Arboricultural Company (includes services of Consulting Arborists) and, as such, is an authorized provider of arborist reports as required by the Town.

ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ)
Chris Tiseo, our lead Arborist, has attained his TRAQ credential. Following a standardized and systematic process as set out by the International Society of Arboriculture, Chris is able to identify and assess tree risk with the goal of providing important information to tree owners and risk managers for making informed decisions about their trees.