Glenwood Means Green


3,150 trees planted!


At Glenwood we’re passionate about trees and the environment.

The nature of our work requires that we remove trees. Sometimes that’s just an unfortunate fact of this business.

So we asked ourselves, what can we do to compensate for the trees we’re removing?

The result? Glenwood’s Remove a Tree, Plant a Tree program.

We devised this green initiative in 2009. At the end of each season we add up the number of trees that we’ve removed. Then we donate an equal or greater number of trees, or a financial donation to buy them, to local groups involved with renaturalization projects. Our first planting season took place in 2010.

To date, 3,900 trees have been planted as a result of our program.

2010 – 900 trees were donated to Mentor College for their Outdoor Education Centre near Gravenhurst, Ontario. Another 250 were planted in Caledon.

2011 – 800 trees and shrubs were donated to Conservation Halton and they were planted along 14 Mile Creek in Oakville in the newly-developed Glenorchy Conservation Area.

2012 – 600 trees donated to Conservation Halton were planted at Mount Nemo Conservation Area.

2013 – 600 trees were planted at Kelso Quarry Park, another forest rehabilitation project of Conservation Halton:

2014 – 750 trees were planted at the Halton Waste Management site (Milton Landfill) in support of the Conservation Halton’s Trees for Watershed Health program.