Safety is very important at Glenwood Tree Service.

Our primary goal when carrying out work at your property is to ensure your safety, the safety of your property and the safety of our staff.

We are fully insured with:

  • A $5 million line of liability insurance with Royal & Sun Alliance
  • Coverage through the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB)

Glenwood’s crews typically consist of three workers as opposed to two workers.  That allows us to maximize awareness of safety hazards at the site and to minimize those risks in order to keep you and your property safe.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is critical.  Glenwood crews adhere to our corporate safety policy by wearing their PPE which includes: hard hats, protective eye wear, chainsaw pants and safety boots.

When hiring a company to carry out tree work, it is essential that they are properly insured. We will gladly provide proof of insurance at your request at any time!

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