Glenwood Equipment

At Glenwood we believe in harnessing the power and endurance of machinery to manage tree work with greater efficiency, ease and safety.

Our fleet of 10 trucks includes:

  • 3 bucket trucks that allow our crews to increase production while working with maximum safety at heights
  • A crane truck with a knuckle boom arm that easily moves pieces of wood up to 4 tons in weight
  • 2 log trucks that allow for the efficient and safe movement and mangement of large wood
  • 3 chipper trucks that can hold up to 25 yards of mulch

We are innovators – Glenwood was the first company in our market to innovate with rear lift gates on our forestry trucks. That mechanization facilitates the heavy work at the end of a tree removal and delivers the added benefit of reducing physical demand on our crew at a time when that relief is needed most.

We have chippers to manage the wood from any job:

  • 6 large 18″-20″ chippers to process wood up to 18″ in diameter

For site clearing, our John Deere wheel loader adds to productivity by moving multiple pieces of wood at one time.

Stump grinding is accomplished quickly and thoroughly by our two stumpers.  Large stumps are no match for our Vermeer 110 horsepower machine. We require a minimum width clearance of 36″ to get our machines into backyards or gated areas.

Once you make a decision to have tree work done, you’re eager to see it completed.

That’s why we believe in bringing the right equipment to your job. It’s all about getting your work done efficiently with the greatest degree of safety possible.