Stump Grinding

If you’d like to have the stump ground out after we’ve removed your tree, we can take care of that for you.

Our two stump grinding machines can destroy stumps of up to several feet in diameter.

If the stumps are located in a backyard that is accessed by a gate or narrow walkway, we need a minimum clearance of 36″ in width and a straight line path into the yard.

At Glenwood it’s always safety first. That’s why we arrange for public utility locates before grinding out stumps. In Ontario, it’s the law: if you dig below grade, you must have a gas locate.

We arrange for locates using Ontario One Call. You can read more on their website:   Public utilities include gas, hydro, phone lines, cable, fibre optics and others. Please note, private utilities such as sprinkler systems, in-ground lighting or pool heater gas lines are not located by Ontario One Call.