Glenwood helps you through the permit process if a permit is needed to remove a tree.

Hire us to remove your tree and we will take care of the permit or notification form paperwork at no additional cost other than the permit fees that are paid to the City.

Each city has their own rules and regulations regarding private tree removal. 

The diameter of the tree is the standard used by each city to determine whether a permit is required or not. Diameter of a tree is always reported as Diameter Breast Height or DBH. See below for the explanation.

In addition to permit fees, there is typically a requirement to plant replacement trees.

Exemptions from the private tree by-law may be possible for trees afflicted with Emerald Ash Borer, dead trees, hazardous trees and terminally diseased trees. Permission to remove exemption trees may still require a formal application or process.

Mississauga – In Mississauga you are allowed to remove up to 2 trees per calendar year. The by-law only applies to trees with a DBH of more than 15cm (6in). More details on the by-law and information concerning permit fees are available here:

Oakville – The private tree by-law in Oakville allows up to 4 trees with DBHs of 20cm (8in) – 76cm (30in) to be removed without a permit in a calendar year. Any additional trees or a tree that exceeds a DBH of 76cm (30in) will require a permit. Even though a permit may not be required, any tree with a 20cm or greater DBH that is being removed must be reported to the Town of Oakville by way of their notification form in advance of the tree removal. Oakville’s private tree by-law and information concerning permit fees are available here:

Toronto – Toronto’s private tree by-law requires a permit for the removal of any tree with a DBH of 30cm (12in) or more. More details on the by-law and information concerning permit fees are available here: It’s important to note that there is a separate ravine by-law for private trees located on properties within a ravine designated area.

*DBH = Diameter Breast Height is a standardized measurement used by arborists. It is a diameter measurement of the tree trunk taken at 1.4 metres or 4.5 feet from ground level.

Tip: How to measure the diameter of a tree: Circumference of the tree ÷ π = Diameter of the tree     (π = 3.142857)