Why Glenwood?

Great customer service. Skilled experienced professionals. Friendly approachable crew. Performance you can trust.

We want to take good care of you and your trees. When our work is done, we want you to be happy.

That has been the primary goal of Steve Lukac, Glenwood’s owner, since he ventured into tree care over 25  years ago.

He literally started from the ground up, hauling wood and brush and working the ropes. In those years he also paid particular attention to the activities of the climber in the tree – to see what worked and, even more importantly, what didn’t work. When he began climbing himself, that experience combined with his physical ability allowed him to excel in handling both live and dead wood safely and efficiently.

In the early years, as a proprietor, Steve was sales manager, crew leader, climber and administrator. He incorporated Glenwood Tree Service Inc. in May 2001. From humble beginnings with just one truck and chipper, Glenwood can now serve you with a fleet of 10 trucks which include 3 bucket trucks, a crane truck, 2 log trucks, 3 chipper trucks as well as 6 chippers and 2 stumpers. We have 3 tree crews and a stumping crew to provide you with prompt service.

Steve’s aim to build a company that would be recognized as reputable, credible and professional has been realized.

75% of our jobs come from existing customers and their referrals.

We’d love to have you as our satisfied customer too.

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